Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning Installation Services

Echo Square Services are specialists in carrying out all types of Air Conditioning Installation projects nationwide.

We can assist with all types of projects initially starting with the design stage, through to the fully managed installation and required ongoing maintenance of site equipment.

We have the capabilities to install all variations of Air Conditioning systems from single room systems to complex bespoke designed systems for multiple rooms, and entire buildings.

It’s common for sites to already have an existing system in place which requires updating, if this is the case we can liaise with who is responsible for the buildings services and discuss the most efficient and cost-effective solution for updating their current system in line with all guidelines and legal requirements.

Solutions for all your Air Conditioning requirements

Echo Square Services have experience in installing equipment supplied by all leading suppliers such as Panasonic, Samsung, Mitsubishi & Daikin this ensures that no matter how complicated our client’s requirements are, we can always provide the most efficient solution to meet their unique requirements.

Our engineers are fully qualified and have extensive experience in working across all commercial industry sectors such as Hotels, Factories & government buildings.

We are able to consult you with all your air conditioning needs when required.

Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

Echo Square Services are specialists in maintaining all types of Air Conditioning systems nationwide.

It is legally required that all Air Conditioning Systems are maintained to ensure they are operating safely and at their optimum efficiency’s.

It is of paramount importance that systems are maintained to increase the life span of a system and its associated equipment such as Air Handling Units (AHU’s) & Chillers.

Maintaining all critical equipment also helps in reducing the likelihood of a system breaking down, which can result in costly repairs or in some cases a full replacement of the deteriorated equipment.

How can we help you maintain your Air Conditioning system?

  • Following an initial survey of a sites system we can help consult our clients on all their air conditioning maintenance requirements below are some of the services we carry out.
  • Investigate and repair refrigerant leaks
  • Fan coil unit cleaning
  • Survey all equipment for wear and tear, and recommend remedial works where required
  • Investigate and repair any system flow issues
  • Ensure all electrical wiring and connections are safe and operating correctly
  • Routinely carry out the testing of controls and thermostats

Our engineers will compile a full onsite report upon completion of every site visit which is reviewed by our project managers who will proactively follow up and consult our clients in regards to any further remedial actions that maybe required to ensure their sites systems remain operating at their peak performance.

We have experience in maintaining commercial air conditioning systems nationwide across all industry sectors such as Hotels, factories, and government buildings.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

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