Coating of Corroded Water Tank Bolts in Surrey

A water treatment company which operates nationwide recently required assistance in regards to a cold water storage tank which had been highlighted as being non-compliant with ACoP L8 guidelines following on from the recent completion of a Legionella risk assessment.

The cold water storage tanks internal bolts were highly corroded and required coating with a WRAS approved coating.

Our operatives attended site and drained the water tank allowing them to then manually prepare all corroded bolts using hand tools prior to applying one coat of our flexible polyurethane ES 988 DWPU coating.

The cold water storage tank was then cleaned & disinfected in line with the requirements of BS8558:2015 and PD855486:2015 prior to being placed back online.

Should you have a similar project you require help with please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team to see how we can help.

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