concrete water tank before preparation

Concrete Tank Reline Scotland

Concrete water tank reline recently completed in Edinburgh, Scotland.

We were asked to help provide a solution for the repair and complete full refurbishment of two deteriorated concrete swimming pool balance tanks located in a prestigious hotel in Edinburgh. 

The works had to be completed at the beginning of January due to the hotels very low occupancy after the festive season which allowed our client to take both concrete water tanks offline at the same time.

All internal surfaces of both water tanks were suffering from numerous failures which included the delamination of the existing coating, exposing the deteriorated concrete underneath.

Concrete Tank Coating Process

Our first task was to manually prepare the tanks internal surfaces by removing all failed coatings, and surface contaminates by utilising specialist mechanical hand tools.

Following the preparation of all the internal concrete surfaces we carried out all further concrete repairs required to increase the structural integrity of the water tanks internal surfaces.

Our next step was to now treat the exposed concrete surfaces in both tanks.

This process required the application of a concrete sealing coating which provides a barrier against moisture while providing a base for our polyurethane coating system to adhere to.

Once cured, our operatives applied our DWPU polyurethane coating system to all critical areas such as joints, around fittings, and vulnerable areas.

We were then in a position to apply the first coat of polyurethane to all internal surfaces of both water tanks.

This was then followed by the final application of blue polyurethane to all internal surfaces.

Now the refurbishment project was complete, the concrete tanks were handed back to our clients in house maintenance team to then place the swimming pool balance tanks back online.

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