Concrete Water Tank Reline

10 Year Minimum Guarantee

Client: London Hospital

Project details: The internal refurbishment & tank reline of 1no. concrete cold water storage tank sized 6m x 3.5m x 4.6m

Summary of works: Extensive preparation of concrete cold water storage tanks internal surfaces followed by the application of our WRAS approved ES 988 DWPU solvent free polyurethane coating system.

Guarantee: 10 Years

Completion Date: 2021

Description of Works:

Echo Square Service Ltd were asked to provide a long term solution to reline a concrete cold water storage tank as the previous coating had failed.

We proposed to remove the existing failed coating and apply our solvent free WRAS approved polyurethane coating ES 988 DWPU to all internal surfaces of the concrete cold water storage tank following extensive preparation works.



BEFORE – The concrete water tank was previously relined with an epoxy coating system to the walls and floor and a bituminous non-compliant coating to the ceiling.  The steel supports for the lid sections were also heavily corroded.

PREPARATION – The first stage was to remove the existing failed coatings using mechanical hand tools, minor surface pitting was then filled with a polyurethane sealant.

Our operatives then applied an epoxy resin based solvent free thin film primer to the internal concrete surfaces of the water tank to improve adhesion of our polyurethane coating system.

BASE COAT - A base coat of ES 988 DWPU (Grey) was applied to all internal surfaces at a nominal thickness of 400 micron.

TOP COAT – The above was repeated with a top coat of ES 988 DWPU (blue).

DISINFECTION – Upon completion of the concrete tank reline, the tank was disinfected utilising a chlorine dioxide spray method.

Additional works – As part of the project we also installed a GRP ladder & keraflo delayed action float valve utilising all stainless steel pipework throughout.

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