Cooling Tower Reline Central London

Full internal refurbishment and relining of two BAC cooling towers carried out on the behalf of a global building services provider in central London.

Both cooling towers were showing signs of corrosion, our operatives extensively prepared the internal surfaces of both cooling towers to raise the surface profile of their existing mild steel substrates, while carrying out all required repairs of pitted areas utilising a metal epoxy filler.

All critical areas of both cooling towers were then stripe coated prior to being relined firstly with a coat of grey ES 988 DWPU polyurethane followed by a second coat of blue polyurethane.

Following the completion of the cooling tower reline we were in a position to hand the towers back to our client who arranged for a water treatment company to replace the towers drift eliminators and carry out the disinfection of both cooling towers prior to putting them both back online.

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