Cooling Tower Reline

Cooling Tower Reline in Loughborough

Echo Square Services recently helped provide a cost effective, long term solution for the refurbishment and internal relining of two cooling towers in Loughborough.

The internal surfaces of both cooling tower sumps had areas of corrosion which were contributing to the contamination of the water circulating within the cooling towers. 

Cooling towers are inherently very high risk with regards to the potential risk associated with the spread of Legionnaires disease.

It is of paramount importance that they are maintained to the level required as stipulated in the ACOP L8 and technical guidance HSG274.

The factory where the cooling towers were located required both towers to remain online at all times with no possibility of taking the entire system offline.

We therefore proposed that we kept one cooling tower online at all times while our operatives carried out the cooling tower reline and refurbishment of the second tower.

This method of working ensured the factories cooling tower system could remain online throughout the entire process. 

Our operatives initially extensively prepared all internal surfaces of the first offline cooling tower ensuring all corrosion and potential harmful debris was removed.

All critical areas of the cooling tower were then reinforced to improve the structural integrity of the cooling towers vulnerable areas.

We were then in a position to carry out the full cooling tower reline by applying two coats of WRAS approved polyurethane to all internal surfaces.

Upon completion, the sites water treatment incumbent carried out the disinfection of the cooling tower and placed the cooling tower back online.

The cooling tower relining process was then repeated for the first cooling tower, essentially ensuring the factory didn’t experience any downtime throughout the entire project.

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