external water Tank Relining

External GRP Water Tank Relining Project

Echo Square Service Ltd were asked to provide a solution to coat the exterior surfaces of a GRP cold water storage tank, which was suffering from the breakdown of its existing gel coat located at a Hospital in Surrey.

We proposed that the GRP water tank was to be given long term protection by carrying out a full external water tank reline by the application of a polyurethane coating.

Our operatives utilised an aliphatic acrylic polyurethane coating which has a high solids content and UV stable gloss retention to ensure long term protection from UV rays.

The existing gel coat had reached the end of its useful life, becoming extremely fibrous as a result of weathering.

The exterior surfaces were abraded to provide a surface profile of 0.75mm to accept the new coating.

All joints were given a ‘stripe coat’ of polyurethane to build up the coating thickness at the critical seams.  The water tanks external surfaces were then fully relined at a dry film thickness of 200 – 300 microns.

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