Fire Sprinkler Water Tank Liner Replacement in London

Echo Square Services were recently contacted to help with the replacement of a failed butyl liner in a hotel in central London.

The failed liner had subsequently caused the water tank to leak heavily and swift action was required to ensure the tanks liner was replaced along with the coating of all corroded ancillary items prior to refilling the tank and placing it back online.

A Geotextile matting was also fitted behind the replacement EDPM liner to protect it from being compromised.

The LPC guidelines recommend that fire sprinkler tanks must be internally & externally surveyed every 10 years to ascertain what condition they are in and whether remedial actions are required.

Often this process requires the use of a remotely operated submersible camera ( ROV ) to be placed inside the cold water storage tank and carry out an internal condition survey.

We are able to help clients with the entire process, whether that includes carrying out the initial comprehensive survey of a cold water storage tank using an ROV or carrying out all required remedial works from replacement liners, fitting low level access hatches and the refurbishment of roof purlins.

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