Galvanised Steel Tank Reline in Dorset

We had a very distressed customer recently contact us who had a galvanised steel water tank which had suddenly began to leak and cause damage to their property.

Our customer was forced to take the water tank offline, which left him without any tank fed cold water services.

We attended site within two days of receiving his call and fully relined and refurbished his leaking galvanised steel cold water storage tank.

Once the corrosion had been removed it became evident that the steel substrate had begun to pinhole which was the likely cause for the tank to leak. We therefore used an epoxy metal filler to repair these areas prior to applying two coats of WRAS approved ES 988 DWPU polyurethane.

The water tank was then disinfected as required by ACoP L8 guidelines and the system was placed back online, much to the relief of the home owner!

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