Galvanised Steel Tank Reline Nottingham

Echo Square Services recently completed a tank reline and refurbishment project on the behalf of one of Englands largest university sites based in the Nottingham.

The university had an ongoing issue regarding one of their sites accommodation blocks where its existing cold water storage supply was over capacity.

This was due to two galvanised steel cold water storage tanks being linked in a series, which allowed for a poor turnover of water, causing one of the water tanks to become stagnant. 

Essentially, just one cold water storage tank was required to remain online to ensure the optimal turnover of water. 

The existing flexible tank liners in both tanks had also detached and allowed water to settle underneath which posed an additional hygiene issue as well accelerating the corrosion issues.

Both water tanks were also very difficult to access in a tight loft space which made it almost impossible to carry out a tank replacement.

The first stage of refurbishment project was to cut out the existing failed flexible liner from the tank which was going to remain online and required relining.

Once removed, significant corrosion deposits were exposed. 

The interconnecting pipe work connections were then sealed off with fibreglass allowing our operatives to focus on the refurbishment of just one of the water tanks.

The remaining tanks internal surfaces were extensively prepared to remove the corrosion deposits and raise its surface profile to allow for the application of the first coat of WRAS approved polyurethane.

Once cured, the second coat of blue polyurethane coating was applied to all internal surfaces.

The mains supply and overflow pipe work was then rerouted from the isolated tank to the now relined tank.

Finally we were in a position to disinfect and refill the tank prior to placing the system back online.

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