Completed water tank reline

Galvanised Steel Water Tank Reline & Refurbishment

Echo Square Services Ltd were recently asked by an international property consultancy company to provide a long term cost effective solution for the refurbishment and relining of four sectional galvanised steel cold water storage tanks.

All four galvanised steel water tanks had existing failed butyl linings in place which had reached the end of their useful life.

We proposed that the existing failed butyl water tank liners were to be removed and the water tanks given long term protection by the application of our WRAS approved solvent free polyurethane coating ES 988 DWPU

Water tank relining surface preparation.

The first stage of this tank relining project was to remove the existing failed butyl liner and the under lining polystyrene insulation from the first sectional galvanised steel water tank.

The water tank was then manually prepared with small hand tools to remove the failed non-compliant bituminous coating and corrosion deposits which remained underneath the previously removed butyl liner.

A polyurethane sealant was then applied to all joints to fill the deep gaps in between panels and intricate areas to provide additional strength to these critical areas.

All joints in between the water tanks panels were then stripe coated with a base coat (Grey) of ES 988 DWPU to build up the coating thickness in these critical areas.

The application of two coats of polyurethane coating.

Once all critical areas of the cold water storage tank had been stripe coated a full base coat of (Grey) ES 988 DWPU coating was applied to all internal surfaces of water tank including the underside of the water tanks roof.

The coating was then left to cure prior to applying the second coating of (Blue) ES 988 DWPU coating to all internal surfaces.

Additional water tank remedial works.

Following the completion of the water tank reline, the tank was refilled and disinfected prior to being put back into service.

As part of the project we also installed Keraflo delayed action Aylesbury KB type float valves to all four water tanks as well as installing new compliant insulation to all external surfaces of each water tank.

The process above was then repeated for the additional three water tanks.

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