Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Cold Water Storage Tank Reline

10 Year Minimum Guarantee

WRAS approved water tank relining system in London, Essex, Kent, Oxford

Client: Hotel in London

Project details: The internal refurbishment & relining 1 no. GRP cold water storage tank sized 3.5m x 3m x 2m

Summary of works: Extensive preparation of cold water storage tanks internal surfaces followed by the application of WRAS approved ES 988 DWPU solvent free polyurethane.

Guarantee: 10 Years

Completion Date: 2019

Description of Works

Echo Square Services were contracted to fully repair and refurbish a failed GRP cold water storage tank in a hotel in central London.

The water tanks internal GRP surfaces suffered severely from heavy delamination as well as multiple snapped internal tie rods which subsequently had a dire effect on the water tanks structural integrity, these combined issues ultimately resulted in the water tank to leak heavily forcing the client to take the water tank offline.

Our operatives were able to fully refurbish the tanks internal surfaces by carrying out extensive preparation work which included the repair and stripe coating of all internal joints as well as the replacement and retentioning of all broken and damaged steel tie rods prior to applying two coats of WRAS approved solvent free polyurethane ES 988 DWPU.

The fully refurbished cold water storage was then filled and disinfected in line with ACoP L8 guidelines prior to placing back online.

As with all our projects our client received a detailed photographic completion report upon completion of our works accompanied by our long term 10 year guarantee.

BEFORE - The tank was in very poor internal condition, with the gel coat largely missing and some of the tie bars broken.

REPAIR – Broken tie bars were replaced with new 316 stainless steel tie bars.

PREPARATION - The tank was manually prepared to provide a surface profile of 0.75mm to accept the new coating.   A base coat of ES 988 DWPU was then applied to all internal surfaces at a nominal thickness of 300- 500 micron

TOP COAT – The above was repeated with a top coat (blue) of ES 988 DWPU applied to all internal surfaces.

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