GRP Tank Reline East London

We recently completed the full internal refurbishment and tank reline of a leaking potable sectional GRP cold water storage tank in South London.

The GRP water tank was leaking from numerous locations due to the butyl mastic failing between the water tanks panels

The water tank was fortunately divided into two compartments which allowed our operatives to refurbish each compartment separately, this ensured the buildings cold water down services remained online throughout the entire tank refurbishment process.

We initially repaired the water tanks joints and reinforced all critical areas prior to applying two coats of WRAS approved ES 988 DWPU polyurethane to all internals surfaces.

As part of the project we also replaced a faulty ball valve in one of the water tank compartments and lowered the water capacity to allow for a more efficient turnover of water.

This remediation helps to combat against the possible stagnation of water and the proliferation of Legionella bacteria as required by ACOP L8 guidelines

Upon completion of the refurbishment we disinfected both compartments prior to refilling the cold water storage tank and placing the cold water down services back online.

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