GRP Tank Reline in Gosport

Echo Square Services recently received an enquiry to help with the refurbishment and tank relining of two GRP cold water tanks in Gosport.

Both water tanks were suffering from black spore osmosis which was occurring underneath the internal gel coat of almost all the the internal surfaces of both GRP water tanks.

The mild steel bolts joining the water tanks GRP panels together had also began to corrode and required long term corrosion protection.

We recommended carrying out the full water tank reline of both water tanks utilising a WRAS approved polyurethane coating as the most sustainable and cost effective long term solution.

Due to the current low occupancy of the building we were able to isolate and drain both water tanks at the same time causing minimal disturbance to the remaining residents of the residential block.

With both water tanks drained our operatives were in a position to carry out the tank relining of both water tanks at the same time. 

The internal surfaces of both water tanks were initially extensively prepared ensuring the internal gel coat was completely removed.

The joints and critical areas of the tanks were then reinforced to increase the water tanks structural integrity.

Our operatives were then in a position to apply two coats of WRAS approved polyurethane to all internal surfaces of both water storage tanks.

Once completed we were in a position to disinfect the water tanks and place the building water system back online.

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