Heritage Pipe Relining

Heritage Pipe Relining

Echo Square Services specialise in the internal relining and refurbishment of pipework within the Heritage industry.

Our highly trained operatives are able to locate and repair leaking pipework, such as heavily corroded cast iron downpipes within your Heritage sites.

Our pipework relining services can be completed safely and effectively without causing any major disruption such as removing floors, disturbing asbestos or excavating historic buildings.

It is of paramount importance that our historic buildings are preserved.

It is therefore essential we continue to reline pipework ensuring that the interior and exterior of these buildings remain undisturbed, while carrying out our non-intrusive pipe relining works.

Echo Square Services can assist in the relining of pipework sized from as small as 32mm to 2500mm in diameter.

Essentially, we create a pipe within a pipe utilising our coating system while ensuring the existing external surfaces of the pipework remain unchanged.

Echo Square Services have the capabilities to internally reline and refurbish the following within your Heritage sites:

  • Drain pipework
  • Sewer pipework
  • Corroded cast iron downpipes
  • Heating pipework
  • Cooling lines
  • Fire suppression systems pipework

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