Hollow Water Tank Roof Support Replacements

Hollow Water Tank Roof Support Replacements

Echo Square provide a nationwide service where we can replace your sites cold water storage tanks hollow supports with solid WRAS approved roof supports to ensure your sites cold water storage tank is compliant with ACoP L8 legislation provided by the Health and Safety Executive.

Why are hollow lid supports not compliant?

Hollow water tank roof supports allow bacteria to form within a cold water storage tank due to the restricted movement of water within the hollow tubes subsequently causing water to stagnate therefore allowing for the increased possibility of Legionella bacteria being able to proliferate.

Cold water storage tanks that contain hollow supports have been identified by the Heath & safety executives ACoP L8 as being non-compliant, therefore it has been recommended all hollow tank supports should be removed and replaced with WRAS approved solid supports to eliminate any possibility of stagnation or the build up of biofilm.

Hollow GRP lid support
internal view of GRP hollow lid support highlighting biofilm issues

How can we help keep you storage tank compliant?

Echo Square Services can help ensure all types of water storage tank remain compliant with all current legislation.

This can include not only replacing your structures non-compliant hollow water tank supports with WRAS approved GRP solid cold water storage tank roof supports but we can also carry out the water tank relining of your leaking GRP cold water storage tank at the same time therefore ensuring your structure is completely compliant with ACoP L8’s stringent guidelines.

Echo Square Services have the capabilities to consult you and your clients on all cold water storage tank issues, from simple water tank repairs to full turn-key replacement projects and remedial works.

Should you require help with a similar project please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.

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