Low Level Access / Inspection Hatches

Side Access / Low Level Tank Inspection Hatches - Installed Nationwide

Low Level Access Hatches are considered a requirement for safely inspecting and maintaining cold water storage tanks or any similar structure that is deemed a confined space. There are significant safety advantages when an low level access point is fitted. As a duty-holder you are obliged to assess dangers and take action to reduce risks to both staff, visitors and contractors.

Echo Square provides expert advice given by industry leading teams of consultants and installers. We supply and fit Low Level Access Hatches (also referred to as Side Access Inspection Hatches) to all types of liquid retaining structures but primarily cold water storage tanks.

We are competitively priced and carry out installations throughout the UK and Ireland and have the capacity to attend your site with minimal delay to help advise you on what is required to ensure you are compliant. Our installations are always thoroughly checked prior to commission to ensure years of trouble-free service.

UK Tank Access Hatch Installer Company London

Confined Spaces Regulations 1997. Approved Code of Practice

"The design should incorporate easy access, taking account of requirements in the event of emergencies. For example: (a) the design should incorporate manholes sited at the bottom or low down in the structure..."

Top Access Hatches on Water Tanks Poses An Increased Risk For Maintenance Workers

Risk Factors when NO Low Level Hatch is present

Among others the common risks associated with roof tank access hatches include:

  • Falling from the top of the tank
  • Confined spaces risk which could include flooding/drowning or asphyxiation
  • Falling whilst climbing the exterior of the tank
  • Falling into the tank
  • Limited means of escape from structure in an emergency
  • Dropping tools or equipment whilst climbing
  • Injuries from carrying tools or equipment up access ladders
  • Increased difficulty for ambulance / first aid staff to access someone injured in the tank
  • Increased risk of injury to ambulance / first aid staff
Low Level Access Hatch Advantages in London

Advantages of Low Level Access Hatches

  • Above safety issues addressed
  • Maintains "Good Practice" regarding HSE guidelines
  • Reduces inspection / maintenance times therefore allowing for long term cost savings when internal works within the structure is required to be carried out

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You can rest assured that Echo Square will provide the very best service from start to finish and emergency backup should you ever need it.

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