Sectional GRP Water Tank Reline Brighton

Echo Square Services recently completed the tank reline and full refurbishment of a sectional GRP cold water storage tank for a school in Brighton.

The water tanks mild steel bolts were heavily corroded and the mastic between the tanks GRP panels were beginning to show signs of failure.

Sectional GRP water tanks are prone to leak due to movement and the general deterioration of the vulnerable mastic joints which occurs over time.

It’s crucial these critical areas are repaired prior to carrying out a full water tank refurbishment.

Initially the joints between the GRP panels were repaired and reinforced followed by the extensive preparation of all internal surfaces.

Once all preparation work was complete we were in a position to apply two full coats of WRAS approved polyurethane to all internal surfaces.

The water tank was then disinfected and refilled prior to placing the system back online.

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