Sprinkler Tank Liner Replacements London

Echo Square Services Ltd recently completed the replacement of three fire sprinkler tank liners located in the basement plant room of a prestigious hotel in central London. 

The project included the refurbishment of all internal auxiliary components in each sprinkler tank such as replacing all gaskets and coating the sprinkler tanks suction vortex’s to ensure long term protection against corrosion.

The existing failed butyl liners in each sprinkler tank were initially removed prior to carrying out the replacement of all gaskets and refurbishing all corroded components within each tank.

To ensure safer access for future maintenance our operatives also installed prefabricated stainless steel access hatches close to the base of each sprinkler tank.

Following the completion of the remedial works above our operatives were then in a position to install the geo textile matting liners to the internal surfaces of each sprinkler tank which allows for an added protective layer underneath the butyl liners.

Once the geo textile matting liners were in place we then installed the new butyl rubber liners in all three sprinkler tanks.

Each sprinkler tank was then refilled and tested prior to be placed back online.

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