Water Tank Cleaning & Disinfection

Cold water storage tank cleaning is of paramount importance when ensuring your water system’s are safe and free from harmful bacteria such as Legionella, E.coli & Pseudomonas.

Rust, scale and debris which can be commonly found within neglected cold water storage tanks provide a perfect harbouring ground for these types of bacteria therefore it is essential that your sites cold water tanks are routinely inspected, maintained, and cleaned when required to ensure you are compliant with the Health and Safety Executives ACoP L8’s stringent guidelines.

Echo Square provide a nationwide cold water storage tank cleaning service where we provide all our clients with a disinfection certificate upon completion of our tank cleaning works for their records.

Is your water tank compliant?

All cold water storage tanks are required to be internally and externally inspected annually at an absolute minimum to ensure compliance with ACoP L8.

Legionella control engineers or trained in house staff must assess the general condition of cold water storage tanks to ensure they have an adequate turnover of water and no biofilm is present on the water’s surface.

They must also check that there is no build up of sediment on the base of the water tank which has the potential to harbour harmful bacteria such as Legionella.

Routine TVC (total viable count) and Legionella sampling of your sites cold water tanks carried out by Legionella control engineers also help to ensure your sites cold water storage tanks are free from harmful bacteria such as Legionella, E.coli & Pseudomonas.

If any of the water tank issues above are present, a water tank clean and disinfection inline with BS:8558 – 2015 & ACoP L8 guidelines is recommended.

Annual water tank cleaning is not a legal requirement, however annual water tank inspections are, therefore if any of the issues above are apparent a water tank clean and disinfection is recommended to be carried out.

For more information on common non-compliant issues which would require further remedial actions such as water tank repairs and water tank relining please check our water tank issues page.

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