Water tank hollow supports replacement in Slough

Echo Square Services were recently contacted in regards to the full replacement of all non-compliant hollow roof supports in a cold water storage tank in Slough.

The water tanks roof had subsequently began to sag, which required the use of Acrow props to support the roof while the works were carried out.

All non-compliant hollow roof supports were replaced with 15 ACoP L8 compliant WRAS approved GRP tank roof supports the tank was then fully disinfected prior to be placed back into service.

Hollow tank roof supports allow water to become trapped in the tubes which essentially causes the water to stagnate and potentially allow for the proliferation of Legionella bacteria therefore it is recommended by the ACoP L8 that all hollow roof supports in potable water tanks should be replaced with solid WRAS approved water tank roof supports where possible.

We can also carry out this service at the same time as a water tank reline which proves to be far more cost effective than carrying out the works separately or carrying out a full water tank replacement.

Should you require help with a similar project why not contact our friendly team.

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