Corroded water tank panel

Water Tank Lining Hertford

Water tank lining of a sectional GRP cold water storage tank recently completed in Hertford.

Why did the water storage tank require refurbishing?

The majority of the water tanks panels were suffering from heavy black sporing which had compromised the panels internal gel coat.

There was also a number of mild steel bolts which were suffering from corrosion throughout the water tank.

Hollow GRP water tank lid supports had also been utilised throughout the water tank which is a critical ACOP L8 non-compliance issue as it allows for water to settle within the tubes and potentially stagnate.

Furthermore, the water tank had been drained and left empty due to the storage tank leaking heavily from several of it’s base joints, this was caused by the mastic between the joints failing and the tank panels bolts requiring retorquing.

The tank lining process 

Initially our operatives replaced all non-compliant hollow water tank lid supports with compliant solid GRP lid supports.

The water tanks joints were then sealed, and all internal panels were extensively prepared, ensuring the tank panels compromised gel coat was removed.

Once the preparation of the water storage tanks internal surfaces was completed, we were in a position to apply the first coat of WRAS approved polyurethane (ES 988 DWPU) to all panels and corroded mild steel bolts.

The first coat was then left to cure prior to applying the second coat of blue polyurethane to all internal panels.

With the tank reline now complete our operatives disinfected the cold water storage tank and placed the system back online.

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