Water tank lining completed

Water Tank Lining West London

Water tank lining project recently completed in Tooting, West London.

This was officially our last project of 2021, a fantastic tank relining project to finish the year with. 

It was touch and go whether we would be able to go ahead with this tank coating project due to the water storage tank being located on an exposed roof.

It was critical we kept a close eye on the weather conditions, if there was any moisture present or the temperature dropped too low, we wouldn’t have been able to go ahead with the relining works.

Temperature plays a crucial role in coating applications if the temperature is too low this can adversely affect a coating application.

The same can be said about moisture, our coating system must be applied to dry surfaces.

Usually, we’re able to control these factors as water storage tanks are often located in roof spaces or dry plant rooms.

However, when carrying out tank coating works in outside, exposed locations we are very much reliant on good weather conditions.

This particular water storage tank was leaking through the joints due to the mastic failing in various locations.

The storage tank was also suffering from black spore osmosis which was affecting the internal gel coat of the water tank, this is a non-compliance issue which should always be rectified in accordance with the Health and Safety executives ACOP L8 guidelines.

Initially all joints and weakened areas were repaired and reinforced.

All internal water tank surfaces were prepared utilising specialist small hand tools, prior to applying two coats of WRAS approved polyurethane to all internal surfaces.

Our operatives then cleaned and disinfected the water storage tank and placed it back online.

Should you require help with a similar project please feel free to contact our friendly team who are always happy to help.

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