Water Tank Lining

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Water Tank Lining

Tank Lining should always be considered as a cost-effective sustainable alternative to disruptive and time-consuming water tank replacements.

Echo Square Services specialise in the tank lining of all types of liquid retaining structures such as the following:

  • GRP (glass reinforced plastic) cold water storage tanks, including sectional GRP water tanks and one-piece hand laid up water tanks
  • Galvanised steel cold water storage tanks, including sectional galvanised steel cold water storage tanks and flat galvanised steel water tanks
  • Concrete cold water storage tanks
  • Mild steel and stainless steel cooling towers
  • All types of sprinkler tanks

Why is Tank Lining cost effective?

Tank lining involves the refurbishment and relining of an existing water tank as opposed to carrying out the replacement of an existing structure.

Our specialist solution allows for operatives to carry out a water tank repair or tank reline by simply draining an existing water tank and carrying out the required refurbishment works without the requirement to replace the existing liquid retaining structure.

Therefore, ensuring potential site downtimes and any wastage caused to a minimum.

Restricted Access?

It’s very common, particularly in older buildings for water tanks to have been installed in areas with restricted access.

We also often find that over the years additional pipework and plant equipment is installed causing further obstructions reducing the accessibility to the existing water tank even further.

Subsequently, these hazardous conditions make it very difficult, if not impossible to carry out external repairs or water tank replacements should they be required.

Our tank lining service provides the perfect solution when faced with impractical access condition’s as only very limited access is required to enable us to complete a full tank reline or water tank repair.

The majority of water tanks can be accessed either by a hatch in the water tanks lid, removing the structures lid entirely, or preferably via a low level access manway which allows our confined spaces trained operatives safe entry. Internal access is all our experienced teams require to complete the full refurbishment and relining of all types of liquid retaining structures.

Why Does A Water Tank Require Lining?

If you suspect that there is an issue with your sites water tank it is critical that a full site survey is initially carried out. This is crucial to enable our team to ascertain what defects require rectifying as well as gathering important information regarding the type of site we will be working on.

A water tank can require relining for numerous reasons such as the following:

  • Leaking from failed joints between the water tanks panels, usually caused by the mastic failing which is a common fault with GRP water tanks.
  • Cracked panels, causing a water tank to leak, once again common with GRP tanks, often caused by structural movement.
  • Heavy corrosion, most common with older, untreated galvanised steel cold water storage tanks and cooling towers.
  • Heavy blistering of GRP tanks internal surfaces
  • Black spore osmosis present underneath the gel coat of GRP water tanks.

All issues above can be resolved by utilising our water tank lining solution without the requirement to replace your sites water storage tank.

We operate nationwide and have carried out numerous water tank relining projects in London, Wales & Scotland.Should you require any further information why not contact our friendly team and see how we can help.

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