water tank reline with blue polyurethane

GRP Water Tank Reline London

Echo Square Services recently completed the full internal relining of a internally flanged GRP cold water storage tank in Hackney, East London.

Internally flanged cold water storage tanks are often used for difficult to access spaces as they can be assembled from the inside out and fully maintained internally.

However, this naturally results in this type of water tank being more challenging to maintain as all bolts and joints are only accessible from the inside.

This GRP water tank we relined was split into two compartments, the first compartment had already had a external localised repair carried out as an attempt to stop it leaking which had subsequently failed.

We were able to drain both water tank compartments at the same time and fully prepare all internal surfaces and bolts prior to relining all surfaces with two coats of our WRAS approved ES 988 DWPU polyurethane coating.

Now that the tank reline was complete, we were in a position to disinfect the water tank as required by ACoP L8 ensuring it was was ready to be placed back online, much to the relief of all the residents!

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