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Water Tank Reline In London

Echo Square Services recently had the pleasure of carrying out the full refurbishment and water tank reline of two sectional galvanised steel cold water storage tanks located at a prestigious site in central London.

It was initially recommended to our client that both water tanks should be replaced, however our solution to reline both water tanks was ultimately a preferred choice due its long term benefits as well as being a far more cost effective solution than carrying out a full water tank replacement.

Both cold water storage tanks had existing non-compliant liners in place which had began to deteriorate and required removal by our operatives prior to extensively preparing the mild steel substrates of each tank.

All water tank joints were then stripe coated with polyurethane prior to coating all internal surfaces of each water tank with a full coat of WRAS approved grey ES 988 DWPU polyurethane.

Both water tanks were then left to cure prior to our operatives applying a second coat of blue polyurethane.

Upon completion of the water tank relines both water tanks were disinfected as required by ACoP L8 and placed back online.

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