Water Tank Repair Lincoln

The completion of a water tank repair can occasionally be requested by clients that require a cost effective alternative to a full tank reline or water tank replacement.

Our clients duplex sectional GRP water tank was leaking from numerous joints causing damage to the floors below.

Fortunately the water tanks internal surfaces were in good condition and didn’t show any signs of black spore osmosis which would then require the water tank to be fully relined to prevent any further deterioration.

It was also incredibly difficult to access the tank therefore a tank replacement would’ve been practically impossible without altering the building itself.

Upon draining the first water tank compartment we discovered water was passing through the water tanks compromised dividing wall.

We initially repaired the dividing wall to ensure both water tank compartments were water tight.

It was critical this process was carried out during out of hours to ensure the occupants of the hotel remained completely unaffected by any loss of water.

All joints were then retorqued and reinforced prior to over coating all critical areas with drinking water polyurethane.

Upon completion both compartments were disinfected, refilled & tested.

We also recommended to replace the non-compliant hollow tank supports as part of the project (please refer to the ACOP L8 & HSG 274 for more information regarding this) however our client wished to carry this out at a later stage.

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