Water Tank Repair & Coating Cambridge

Echo Square Services recently completed the water tank repair and refurbishment of a sectional GRP cold water storage tank in a large hospital in Cambridge.

Why was a water tank reline required

  • The water tank was leaking from numerous joints between the tanks panels due to the sealant failing.
  • There was also a large crack in one of the base panels which caused the tank to leak significantly.
  • This subsequently forced our client to take the tank offline and place the system onto a mains bypass until the water tank repair was completed.
  • Despite our client recently carrying out a water tank clean the internal surfaces of the tank remained heavily stained.

Our water tank relining solution

  • Our operatives initially retorqued all bolts and reinforced all failed joints to increase the overall structural integrity of the water tank.
  • The cracked panel was cleaned and prepared prior to repairing with a fibreglass system this was then left to cure 
  • The water tank internal surfaces were extensively prepared utilising specialist hand tools.
  • All joints were then stripe coated with WRAS approved polyurethane to further reinforce the water tanks critical areas
  • Once cured, all internal surfaces were coated with two coats of polyurethane.

Tank reline aftercare

  • Finally, once the tank reline was completed the water tank was clean and disinfected prior to placing the system back online.
  • A full completion report was also provided to our client which included photos of all critical stages throughout the water tank refurbishment process
  • Our client was also presented with an option to carry out all future water tank cleaning works to help ensure the tank remains compliant with all required guidelines such as the ACOP L8

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Water tank repair & refurbishment
GRP Tank Reline Process

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