Water Tank Repair

10 Year Minimum Guarantee

Its always recommended that a full water tank reline is carried out when a cold water storage tank is leaking, suffering from severe corrosion issues or the delamination of the water tanks internal GRP gel coat which can often occur with older GRP cold water storage tanks.

In some circumstances it can be impossible to fully access a cold water storage tank or process vessel or it can be unfeasible to have the structure taken offline for a long period of time therefore an internal or external water tank repair maybe required utilising our ES 988 DWPU polyurethane coating to help ensure the water tank or process vessel can be put back online as soon as possible to keep the sites downtime to an absolute minimum.

Following on from the successful completion of a water tank repair a full water tank reline should always be considered wherever possible to ensure the increased structural integrity of your sites cold water storage tank and allow for a minimum 10 year guarantee upon completion of our works.

A full internal water tank reline will also ensure full compliancy with the health and safety executives ACoP L8 guidelines.

We operate nationwide and have carried out numerous water tank relining projects in London, Wales & Scotland.

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